Friday, November 14, 2014

Veterans Day Parade 2014 in Pictures

I had the unique opportunity to assist with the Veteran's Day Parade in Downtown South Boston this past Saturday, which included meeting and greeting the parade organizer, Mr. Cary Ford and many Veterans, helping organize cars, hammering posts and stapling signs, and starting the parade. I was so impressed with how so many people put forth an effort to really honor the Veterans. We've Got Rhythym's dancers each held handmade posters with words of support and love, individuals donated their vehicles and many drove Veterans in the parade, the Halifax County High School marching band played, and the Girl Scouts gave boxes of Girl Scout cookies to each Veteran. As the cars lined up, and as I called for the start of the parade, I watched as Veterans who fought in Vietnam and World War II rode past and waved, and stood in admiration as I watched Joe Carrington hug his neighbor Susan Wooding for the first time in many months, as he had arrived home from Afghanistan just the night before. With a lump in my throat and eyes welled with tears, I glanced at my husband and saw that he had tears in his eyes, as well. What a moving and humbling experience this was. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to be involved in this precious event.  Following are a few scenes from the 2014 Veterans Day Parade in South Boston, Virginia. Veterans, we honor you this Veterans Day and every day! 
Brittany Hazelwood is one of the Girl Scouts who handed out boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the Veterans. Thank you, Girl Scouts! She is pictured with Mr. Cary Ford, the parade organizer. 
When the ceremony concluded, Carrington approached the speaker to thank him for this service.
After the parade was over and done, our family went out to eat and saw this family. This is the same gentleman who had been in the Army National Guard vehicle above. How precious is his little one? She is one proud little girl!