Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Shoes

Dear Spring,

 My new shoes and I have been waiting patiently for you. We are so happy you're here! Now if you will kindly be with us through St. Patrick's Day, we would be ever so grateful. Erin Go Braugh!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Caladh Nua at the Prizery and Upcoming Prizery Shows

Caladh Nua performed at the Prizery
Saturday, March 8, to a sell out crowd.
The Prizery has become well known in Southern Virginia for presenting a wide variety of high quality performances, both in its regular season and during the Summer Theatre Celebration.  In keeping with our goal of making the most of living in Southern Virginia, our family regularly takes advantage of the many performances held there at the Chastain Theatre. Last night, Mark and I took our children with us to see Caladh Nua, a traditional Irish folk band, who played to a very receptive sell out crowd.  We were wowed by their style, musical ability, and the stunning voice of Lisa Butler.  Based on the engaging conversation and reactions during the performance, I believe that Caladh Nua liked our little town, and the feeling was certainly mutual. If you missed the show last night, or if you want to see more of them, they can be viewed on youtube, here is a clip of "The Cruel Lowland Maid" , and information and tour dates can be found at Caladh Nua's website.

Much more is in store for the Prizery stage in the months to come! You will have to opportunity to see Chinese Acrobats, a one-man band of thirty instruments, The Richmond Symphony Orchestra, and more. Scroll down for more information about what's happening at the Prizery this spring. For additional information about events at The Prizery and to purchase tickets, go here.

Golden Dragon Acrobats
 Thursday, March 20, 2014 7:30 pm
World renowned impresario Danny Chang and choreographer Angela Chang combine award-winning acrobatics, traditional dance, spectacular costumes, ancient and contemporary music, and theatrical techniques to present a show of breathtaking skill and spellbinding beauty. Ticket Information

A World of Music with Todd Green
Friday, April 4, 2014 7:30 pm
Multi-instrumentalist Todd Green's concert is a uniquely gratifying experience with elements of both the familiar and unfamiliar, and promises to broaden everyone's musical horizons in an unforgettable way. Ticket Information

Sierra Hull Friday May 9, 2014
This exciting, young American bluegrass singer, mandolinist, and guitarist will charm you with her engaging performance. Ticket Information

The Richmond Symphony &
Konstantin Soukhovetski
Thursday, May 22, 2014 7:30 pm

Konstantin returns to the Prizery stage with the Richmond Symphony to perform Mozart's piano concerto in #23 in A Major, K488.  Ticket Information

HCLT's Beehive, the 60's Musical
Beehive, The 60's Musical will have you dancing in the aisles!
This Halifax County Little Theatre production will be showing at the Prizery April 24 - May 3, 2014. Ticket Information

For additional information about events at The Prizery and to purchase tickets, go here.  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Peanut Butter Bird Feeder ~ A Super Simple Snow Day Activity

Winter has generously gifted us with her beauty this year.  She has provided for sledding  and snow cream, hot cocoa and s'mores, snuggling in front of a warm fire and staying in our pajamas on snow days.  Spring will be here to take Winter's place in 13 days. As if to say, "I won't see you again for nine more months, I will leave you with one last blessing until we meet again," enormous and beautiful snow flakes fell this March morning, covering this Southern Virginia yard in a blanket of white for probably hopefully the last time this season.  As much as I could groan about another snow day, when I look out of the window, I can only be in awe of these enormous white flakes falling from the sky. No matter how long it snows or how much we get, it is still beautiful. While it's here and I have no control over it, I might as well enjoy it.

Thinking that the birds must be confused about this late snow fall, I remembered a very simple activity that our Girl Scout troop did a few years ago. This simple bird feeder project is perfect for a snowy day.  The children and I made this fun, easy, and practical project with materials that we happened to already have here at home.  Here's how you can make one, too:

1.      Gather your materials.

·        Newspaper or Wax Paper (not necessary, but helpful)

·        Empty Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls (We get these out of the recycling bin. Since we keep our compost, recycling, and garbage in separate containers, it’s not yucky. I promise.)  We have used bagels for this project in the past, but let’s be real. It’s a snow day in the South, and we aren’t parting with our bread. If you have bagels you are willing to part with, use them. The squirrels love them!

·        String, Twine, Ribbon, or Yarn and Scissors

·        Peanut butter, a bowl for the peanut butter, and something to spread it with (a spreader, spoon, or butter knife)

·        Bird Seed and Tray to pour it in

·        A tree, bush, or hook to hang the bird feeder on

·        Lovely birds and hungry squirrels

2.      Clear off a surface. I taped down newspaper, because cleaning peanut butter off of a wooden surface is a chore.

3.      Cut the string into strips, thread through the toilet paper rolls, and tie in a double knot. Make sure to thread and tie the string before spreading the peanut butter and bird seed to avoid a big mess.

4.      Put enough peanut butter in a bowl to cover the number of rolls that you are working with. It dirties another dish, but avoids dipping and re-dipping the spreaders into peanut butter jar. Use your spreader to spread peanut butter all over the roll, covering the entire surface.

5.      Pour bird seed into a flat bottom pan. Dip and roll the peanut butter covered rolls in the bird seed. Pat it down if you wish.

6.      Your bird feeder is complete. Put on your snow boots and take a walk, looking for just the right tree limb upon which to hang your bird feeder. Have the children guess how long it will be before the bird seed is all gone, or guess which one feeder will be eaten first.  If you can, hang it in front of a window where you can check its progress and bird watch throughout the day. 

Do you have other ideas for simple projects that you would like to share? I would love to hear your ideas!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Swim Lessons South Boston YMCA


March 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29
9:00 9:45 AM Polliwog
10:00- 10:45 AM Polliwog
11:00 – 11:45 aM Polliwog
12:00- 12:45 PM Guppy/ minnow
Instructor: Joy Coe & Y staff

Group lessons $40 Members $70 Non Members

Private Lessons Available, 6 -30 min. sessions:

$ 75 Members, $140 Non members 4-30-12
For more information about these or other classes, click here.
For information about Lifeguard Certification Classes, see this SoVA Mom post.
The YMCA of South Boston-Halifax County is located at YMCA of South Boston/Halifax County
650 Hamilton Blvd. | South Boston, VA 24592
Phone (434)572.8909 | (434)572.1042
Mon-Thur: 5:15AM-9:00PM | Friday: 5:15AM-7:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM-5:00PM | Sunday: 1:00PM-5:00PM

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lifeguard Classes in South Boston, Virginia

You wouldn't know it by the current cold temps and wintry weather,
but spring is just around the corner, and pool days aren't far behind!

The South Boston, Virginia YMCA is offering Lifeguard Certification and
Recertification Classes this March and April,
so get in gear! Classes will be held as follows:
March 14, 15, 16
April 4, 5, 6
Friday 4 - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm
Recerts Sunday 9am - 3pm
Members $285.00 Non-Members $315.00
Payment should be made no later than Wednesday prior to the beginning of class. 
The South Boston YMCA is located at 650 Hamilton Blvd. | South Boston, VA 24592
Phone (434)572.8909 | (434)572.1042
Mon-Thur: 5:15AM-9:00PM | Friday: 5:15AM-7:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM-5:00PM | Sunday: 1:00PM-5:00PM