The New Project Mc2 Dolls and Science Experiments, as seen on Netflix

Courtland has a birthday coming up, and she just informed me what she wants for her birthday. Even though she thinks she's getting a little too big for Barbies, she loves these Barbie-like dolls, because she loves science!  She in the process of creating a science project for the upcoming school science fair, so the scientific method, science experiments, and alternative energy (the science fair theme this year), have been the buzz words at our house lately. I have to admit that I was more pleased than usual when she expressed an interest in these dolls. Who says science can't be fun?
Project Mc2 is a team of four super-smart and seriously cool girls who use their love of science and their spy skills as they go on missions for secret organization, NOV8 (that's "innovate"). They're real girls with real skills ready to take on anything. Now an original series, only on Netflix! Some of the dolls are "core dolls," while others come with their own science experiment or project. In addition, you can purchase accessory items like the observation notebook kits, large science kit, and individual science projects separately, and mix and match them with the different dolls.  Click each doll's pictures for details, or click here to see more Project MC2 dolls and science projects. 

Meet Adrienne Attoms! People say girls are made from a pinch of sugar and spice, but she has a more complex recipe. Following in her abuela's footsteps, she is a culinary chemist - science is so delicious!

Meet Bryden Bandweth, tech genius! She looooves tweeting and instagramming about rad tech stuff, music and digital photography - if it's cool, she's on it. Chill with her and you'll believe she's part com

Meet Camryn Coyle, construction queen! She's known for her high IQ, but her real genius comes out in the garage. She's a firm believer in that if you can't figure it out, take it apart. 

Meet McKeyla McAlister, Project Mc2 leader! She's a writer, hipster, undercover spy. When she's not journaling, she's probably reading a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel or performing magic tricks!

Now you can perform an experiment at home with construction queen, Camryn Coyle. Build her skateboard using the top secret blueprints. She is picking up S.T.E.A.M. with Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math!

Here's your chance to interact directly with NOV8! Become a secret agent just like McKeyla McAlister, using your personal Advanced Digital Intelligence Spy Notebook - A.D.I.S.N. for short. Picking up S.T.E.A.M!
My favorite is out of stock right now - McKeyla's Lava Light. I have my fingers crossed that it will be in stock at our local store! This is one of the dolls, like Camryn Coyle above, that comes with her own science kit. There are lots more science experiments, dolls, and related items, which you can check out here. Do you think your girls would like these dolls? I'm looking forward to capitalizing on Courtland's current excitement about science, and I'm feeling certain these dolls will help.  Courtland is currently doing her science fair project on biofuel. Who know, maybe she can write the company and suggest their next doll be interested in alternative energy. You never know... 

Click here to see more Project MC2 dolls and science projects. Which one is your favorite? If you or your daughter were going to suggest a science experiment, what would it be? I'd love to hear your ideas!
xoxo, Erin
Southern Virginia Mom