My Favorite Finds at Garnier-Thiebaut Warehouse Sale, May 12-14, 2016

I went to the Garnier-Thiebaut Warehouse Sale early yesterday morning before it opened to the public, which meant I got first pick of what was in store. I bought a beautiful two large hammered metal beverage holders for entertaining. I believe they are champagne bottle holder, but I will use for wine, beer, bottled waters. I also bought a matching salad bowl, which again, can be used for nuts, candies, pretzels, you name it, and this beautiful round bar tray. (Yes, these are my Aldi's lemonade bottles!)

After I published the blog post yesterday morning, my friend Claire, who just bought and is refurbishing a home, and who has been knee deep in floor sand, paint colors, and wood refinishing, emailed me and asked if I would go back and pick some things up for her. When I arrived back there last night, a lot of the hammered metal was gone, but there were still a few pieces. (I am amazed at how much they move in one day at this sale.) There were a ton of sheet sets, towels, bath robes, kitchen lines, and soaps left as of last night. 
 I bought this hand towel for my guest bathroom, and I bought this hand soap at a previous sale.
 These two white towels and this linen hand towel are welcome additions to my new mud room.   I bought Claire three hand towels for her new guest bathroom, one every day table cloth, another special occasion tablecloth with the Green Sweet technology, which I will explain, and a French linen kitchen towel. I bought myself six every day placemats, hand lotion, a linen towel for my mud room, a few hand towels, and a couple of bath mats. I like the bathmats because they don't have the rubber backing, they can be tossed in the washer and dryer, and at 2 for $12 were a steal.
Green Sweet is a way of treating fibers individually, so that when they are woven together, they do not absorb stain causing agents, but trap them. When this happens, you can see the dirty mess on the fabric only until you wash it, but after it is washed, the dirt, wine, chocolate, etc. will wash right out, leaving no stain. High quality fibers are used and treated specially using this process. There is another process of applying acrylic layers over fabric that creates a different type of stain resistant fabric also available at the sale.
If you have wanting to visit the sale or are planning a future trip, or if you just want to know what's new and what has stayed the same, I hope this information has helped. To read yesterday's article, click here. Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with your favorite things!
xoxo, Erin
Southern Virginia Mom