Ignore the Grass, Excuse the Mess

My husband and I aren’t exactly “yard people.” He is gone more weekends that he is home doing National Guard work. When he is home, we spend time doing things with our children, not perfecting the lawn.  Our yard used to bother me a little bit, until my friend Linda, who has three grown boys told me, “You can grow grass or you can grow kids, but it’s hard to do both!”  Amen to that! 
We have a full day of soccer, go cart racing, music lessons, and a school dance this evening, followed by a sleepover. Who has time for lawn care on a beautiful day like today? So if you’re in the same boat as me, here’s a little perspective. 
We won't have forever to watch them play.
These are words to live by.  Thanks to whoever shared this cute photo. I saw this photo circulating on Facebook (please let me know if you know where this originated so I can give proper credit where credit is due).
Now, Let's Play Ball!
xoxo, Erin
Southern Virginia Mom