Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week 
May 5-9, 2014
I love my children's teachers. I admire their patience and appreciate their love, personal attention, and prayers for my children. We appreciate our teachers every day, and next week we have a whole week to show them just how much we appreciate them for all they do for our little ones!

I am gathering ideas now to give to the teachers at CCS next week, (nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?), and thought I would share some ideas from last year for those of you who, like me, may still be looking for ideas of your own. Please feel free to take these ideas and use them, modify them, share them...  Let me know if you tried any other these project and how they turned out.  

Last year parents at our children's school joined together both in effort and financially to show our appreciation for our teachers. Each day we gave a small gift to each teacher, and on Friday held a Teacher Appreciation breakfast. Here are a few pictures of some of the gifts we made and gave.

Day 1: Apple stacked upon chocolate dip, wrapped in plastic baggie with a note that read "Thank you for being so SWEET to us!"

Day 2: Bottled water with note that read "Thank You for Quenching our Children's Thirst for Knowledge!" I cut pieces of card stock into long rectangles, then folded them, stapled the sides, and added a water flavoring packet. I cut slits in the top of the construction paper packet so it would hang over the bottle cap. This was super easy, very inexpensive, and a nice treat that the teacher's enjoyed.

Day 3: "We need S'MORE teachers like you!" Fill a container (in my case a baggie) with marshmallows, a couple of miniature Hershey bars, and four graham crackers. Again, an inexpensive simple, yet sweet treat. Seriously, who doesn't love S'mores?

Day 4: Marvelous and Magnificent Teacher Jars-We filled small mason jars with M&Ms and tied a note on each jar. In retrospect, we should have used wither a larger jar or a smaller note, but the sentiment was the same. This was by far the most expensive daily gift we made, because M&Ms can be pricey, plus the cost of the jars. To cut costs, you could consider packaging them differently in something other than glass jars.  I found this great idea and printed the poem at Happy Clippings.

Day 5: As the grand finale, we hosted a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. We made sure to have muffins and doughnuts from South Boston's Windmill Bakeshop, fruit salad, fresh fruit, a breakfast casserole, and broccoli provolone quiche.   We also served juice, coffee, water, and had a framed note of appreciation and recognition of each teacher and staff person.
Our wonderful Centerville Christian School teachers and staff: Left to Right: Donna Matthews, Marion Ridgeway, Carol Elliott, Linda Link, Rebecca Heims, Pastor Trevor Heims, Rhonda Glascock, and not pictured Pastor Todd McClure and Kelly McClure.
Remember, I'm still looking for ideas for next week, so if you have a gift you've given that is simple, inexpensive, but super cute and would make a great Teacher Appreciation gift, please send it my way. Now, Let's go out there and show our appreciation!